Raphael Mostel, at world premiere of the new complete production at the Berlin Philharmonie

One of the rare works that can seduce a general audience of all ages - young or old - and all levels of sophistication

Already performed to great acclaim over 60 times in the prior production, the new production of Raphael Mostel’s Travels of Babar is now available in both the intimate original chamber version as well as in the new version for orchestra. Both use the elaborate new slide-show in HD directed by the composer, using the original watercolors of the much-loved illustrations of Jean de Brunhoff, along with the narration from his classic book


Critical Comments

"With shouts of joy the large number of young audience members greeted Raphael Mostel's imaginative setting… While the colorful images were projected…the chamber ensemble transformed into extremely three-dimensional music the 46 scenes of the story”

Musik Heute (Music Today, Germany)

"I was amazed Mostel succeeded — because the audience's concentration lasted an insanely long time! ...the kids were really engaged. Mostel drew so many colors from the eight musicians!"

WDR3 (German Radio)

There is both a place and a need for works for children in the classical music repertory, but few composers have turned their hand to the task and of those that have, few have produced works likely to appeal to children and to keep their parents entertained as well. Raphael Mostel's 'Travels of Babar,' based on the second of Jean de Brunhoff's Babar books, succeeds nicely. The music is picturesque and wide-ranging....The music has a narrative and lyrical flow that makes its charms hard to resist."

The New York Times

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