New York City Opera Education presented Raphael Mostel's THE TRAVELS OF BABAR as its sole production for its "Opera Is Elementary" program for 2002.

"For New York City Opera Education, producing Raphael Mostel's The Travels of Babar may seem an unusual choice given that the work is not a traditional opera. But in our mission to provide quality musical programs for young audiences, The Travels of Babar offered many opportunities to explore the relationship between instrumental music and dramatic character that are not typical found in a study of opera.

The work is embedded with genuine and substantial arts-in-education components that introduce students to a world of captivating music, delightful children’s literature and engaging visual art. Without a doubt, The Travels of Babar stretched the understanding and appreciation of our elementary school student audience and provided a unique exploration of musical drama. Additionally, the connections that teachers and students can make between this work and other non-arts curricula are authentic and powerful.

Truly an inspired work and valuable addition to the children’s music repertoire!"

- Paul King, Director of Education, New York City Opera

"Introduces the joys of music to kids!" - New York Observer, front page, May 20, 2002

For further information on New York City Opera Education's presentation and the New York City Opera Education / Metropolitan Opera Guild Guide to Mostel's TRAVELS OF BABAR click here

Composer / director Raphael Mostel's TRAVELS OF BABAR is based on Jean de Brunhoff's classic book & art.
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